Week One: Check


October 10, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

This is my new blog. Here it is. I resolved to write the first post tonight.

Front porch.

We–my husband, Big A, and I–have moved into our first home, hopefully our only home. We’ve been here less than a week. There’s so much to do.

Between closing on Sept. 12th and last Thursday, we’d hired a contractor to uncover and refinish the existing floors–over 100-year-old pine, apparently. Despite it’s vinyl siding and composite shingles, this house is old. Lovely honey-colored floors waited beneath the shaggy brown (living room) and cornflower blue berber (bedroom and kitchen) carpets. The experience with the contractor could have been better. He hemmed and hawed at our deadline–he wasted a lot of time. He also didn’t bother to match the patches he put in, but perhaps, once we’ve learned a thing or two, we can take care of that ourselves, at a later date. Once the dust has settled.

We’d meant to have the paint up before moving in, but despite even re-scheduling the move date back, we still couldn’t make it. Most of the wall cover is up, but I spent the last two days putting on another coat and then two coats of trim in the living room. One room down…

I used to paint professionally–production house painting, in Cleveland. I used to be able to roll out a 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath house with 25-foot ceilings in three and a half hours with an 18″ roller. I also had six-pack abs. I was also 25 years old. I am not 25 years old anymore.

I’m a week away from 38 and working with this little 9″ roller. It’ll do. I was surprised (and proud) at how quickly it came back. Free-handing (no tape) a dark chocolate brown trim against a light sage wall is no easy task. I managed it with very little in the way of touch up. I can brag. I think it’s okay to brag about something if it’s truly one of, say, three things that you are really, very good at. I was–and apparently still am–really, very good at house painting. Good thing, too, what with our now owning a house that requires some new paint.

We can’t truly unpack until the trim gets done, but my back and knees are crap and I have to space the work out a little. But soon, we’ll be unloading all those many boxes of books into their shelfy homes, and then we can say we’ve moved in, all proper-like.

Barn and brick silo.

While I finished the trim in the living room yesterday, Big A started up the riding mower that came with the barn. Oh, did I mention there’s a barn? There’s a barn. It came with the mower and a small riding tractor (future tractor plans forthcoming). I haven’t had to mow grass in years, and even when I did (at my folks’ house), I was usually relegated to the push mower. So, my experience with a riding mower is limited. Big A’s, coming from a suburb on Long Island, has had practically no experience with one, save puttering around on my mother’s as we got the yard in shape for our wedding. And this mower is not that mower.

\m/ MOWING \m/

Luckily, one of our new neighbor’s, Art, was out cutting his own grass, so Big A wandered up that-a-way and requested his assistance, which he gladly and kindly gave. After a few false starts, he managed to get a pass around a good chunk of the yard (maybe an acre of the two and a half cuttable acres we have; 5.4 acres total). The grass hadn’t been mowed since we made an offer on the house, so it was up past our ankles. I’d finished up the painting and needed a little outside time, so I climbed on and gave it another pass to mulch up the clippings a bit more, then tucked it back up into the barn.

Cutting our own grass: It has begun.

Tasty cookies.

I managed to get a little baking in as well. One of my goals upon moving here was to start baking, regularly. And I have never really baked before. I batch of easy-peasy scones now and then, but otherwise, nope. I’d been craving oatmeal cookies, so I found a recipe online for Oatmeal Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. They didn’t turn out too bad, actually. Definitely edible. Most importantly, they satisfied the craving.

So, for having been in this house for less than a week, we’ve done none too shabby. Mowed some grass, got a room painted, and baked some cookies. Huzzah!

What is so metal about this post? Nothing so far, save Big A’s horned hand while grass-cutting. But, then, there’s this:

Coming out November 20th. Sounds like a date. <3

\m/ \m/

6 thoughts on “Week One: Check

  1. iheartsatan says:

    I’m sure the yard will sculpt those abs back into shape. ;

  2. iheartsatan says:

    Oh, and your knees and back have been kicking ass as far as I’m concerned!

  3. You are so great, Kris!! I’m excited that you’re blogging and can’t wait to keep reading all your posts! Brilliant name for it, btw. You need to buy that URL too. It’s catchy!

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