Greenies in the Garden

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October 13, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

The mess before the storm. I haven’t measured it, but an estimate would be about 25’x35′.

According to Wikipedia, Greenhorn is the name of two towns, one in California and one in Oregon. It is also the name of a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. It is also “slang for an inexperienced person.” That would be me.

I grew up on a few acres, but my father did everything he could to tame it in terms of turning our little woods into a lawn. Down came the trees and up went the grass, much to my dismay. I was 9 when we first moved to that house and had, up until that point, lived mainly in cities. Certainly didn’t live in the kind of country we’d moved to. So, I enjoyed running around in the woods for a few years, before dad could finally stand it no longer. The man, apparently, needed more grass to cut. And cut we did. We also had a garden for a few years, if memory serves, but other than filching the occasional tomato, I don’t really remember it much.

Murray, aka “Ginger Balls,” our barn cat, watches from the still-uncut grass.

Although I don’t remember the garden, there was more than enough work to do around the house and yard that I do remember. A lot of weeding. A lot of digging up and transporting rocks. A lot of digging up tree stumps. A lot of bending, pulling, lifting, carrying. My father worked us. My grandfather even pulled him aside one day and requested we not work quite so much in the yard as the neighbors might suspect he’s running a child slavery ring.

Big A cleaning up sloppy rotten tomatoes.

In that sense, I’m not entirely green, but it has been a long, long time. So, when we started pulling up the garden that the previous owners had pretty much let go to seed, we just got in there and started pulling. I had visions of an awesomely huge compost pile, but alas, to do it properly and permanently, I need to really build it, in the ideal spot. Right next to the garden isn’t it, but considering we have practically no tools and no cart for the tractor to haul stuff, next to the garden is where the pile is. I also had a vision of one heaping pile in a corner. No. It is a long pile that stretches alongside the whole garden, and seeing as though we’re only halfway done, it’s going to get bigger.

As David Hasselhoff would say: “This is a mess.

While we were in there, though, we found a few overlooked butternut squashes, a handful of onions destined for the dinner’s chili, and more bell peppers than we could ever need or want. Ever. I don’t even like the things. We were also accompanied by a variety of critters and creatures, which is always fun (except ticks…screw ticks).

Aaand, half the weedy mess is cleared.

Eventually, we’ll get the tools we need. Some I wish we could get sooner rather than later, but since buying the house, we really need to hold out for deals. Until then, we improvise. By the time we need to plant, though, we should be ready to roll.


Wooly bear.






And now, a different kind of garden:

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