Saturday Pics


November 11, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Here are some pics from yesterday:

I burned our burnable trash from the week.

Moggy started the day with a wonky eyeball, an issue related to his Pox (leukemia). He looks crazy, but he is otherwise fine.

Our trees are bare.

The barn and silo, more visible.

The previous owners’ creepy cherub…

…appropriately replaced.

This is Monty. Big A’s father was a writer and some time ago was editor at Fangoria magazine. Big A’s mother got one of these as a memorial in their backyard. She got us one as a house-warming gift. =)

And now the house is truly a home.

We made some tea and went for a stroll through our woods, the weather was so lovely.

Big A and our tea.

While Big A made some chili, we enjoyed some homemade raspberry wine, another house-warming gift, this one from our new neighbors. =)

Moggy ended his day as usual, curled up on his cat throne.

While we ate dinner, we watched Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery, which I hadn’t seen in years. After dinner, for the remainder of the movie, I finished de-stemming the lavender flowers…all done. Ended the day reading in bed—I have about 80 pages left in my Robert Louis Stevenson biography, whom I love.

Aunt Jeannie and Me, April, 2012.

I can’t leave yesterday without mentioning my Aunt Jeannie. While Big A and I were enjoying our wine, he making dinner and me continuing some unpacking downstairs, at around 4:30pm, my aunt passed away—another victim of the cancer rampant in our family. She was diagnosed a few weeks ago; it was very aggressive.

My aunt spent a lifetime making not the very best choices, as she would readily admit herself. During that time, again, by her own word, she could be difficult. But about six or seven years ago, she started making the right choices, and in doing so, she discovered in herself a truly amazing person. And I, as her niece, discovered I had an irreplaceable role model. The aunt I came to know and love and respect had, and will always have, my undying admiration. I have never met anyone who took her reformation so seriously—every single day she woke up determined to see the bright side, determined to think well on those who thought little, determined to be the best person she could possibly be, that day and every other day. That commitment, to me, erases her past. It is more than most people ever do.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Pics

  1. s pellegrino says:

    love yer friend in the ground- every yard should have one

  2. […] and I was making trips up to Canada to help care for my aunt who was then dying of cancer (she died November 10th). As we struggled with this (and I really wanted to get the grass mowed at least once before […]

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