Note from the Sun Room


November 20, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Again, posting regularly has turned out to be harder to manage than I expected. That’s okay—I’ll get the hang of it.

The sun room, my oasis. The other side of the room is mostly windows, hence the ‘sun’ part of it.

I was off being productive and such (I think) when a yoga move gone bad laid me up for a few days (not even one of the crazy ones; just a nice, normal stretch… *sigh*). It was over the weekend, so I wasn’t able to get in to my chiropractor until Monday. I took the opportunity to say ‘screw it’ and just veg out a bit. I took to the sun room, brandishing my Kindle and a cup of tea, and read.

Our Moggy, hogging all the heat.

I had earlier finished the Robert Louis Stevenson biography I’d been reading, and having enjoyed it so much, I decided to indulge in a little of his correspondence. So, over the weekend—incapacitated by the popped rib—I started and finished his Vailima Letters, and started some letters from 1860s to the late 1870s. Moving backwards, yes, but that’s okay. Big A and I are both RLS fans (he’s reading the biography I just finished now) and we’re now thinking that the sealed pot we will be starting soon (mentioned in another post) should probably be money saved towards a trip to Samoa. It would not be the first time we’ve made an author-related pilgrimage, but it might end up being one of the more expensive ones.

Tea and a good read.

Monday was yesterday, so first thing in the morning I got my rib popped back in and was happily able to get on with my life. Actually, comparatively, I had a wonderfully productive day yesterday.

Our house is sort of a split-level (I’m not even sure exactly what that means, but it sounds like it applies here). The original 19th c. part of the house is pretty standard—it did, in fact, start life as a spring house (to the best of my knowledge), and so was quite small—a few rooms upstairs, the a spring and pantry in the basement. The previous owners (whose family had owned the house and property for a few generations) added on sometimes in the 60s or 70s—a guest room upstairs, then stairs down to the basement (previously only accessible from a set of stairs in what used to be the kitchen, and is now our bedroom closet, or from the outside). The stairs open up to a large rec room, a bathroom, then a few little steps up into the sun room (pictured above). A door also opens into the old part of the basement/pantry/spring area. So, one could say these downstairs rooms were in the basement, but because the house sits on an incline, these added rooms actually sit at ground level. Yesterday, I was finally able to clear the one side of the rec room, vacuum, and set up our little exercise area. The other side is still cluttered, but then, we’re still unpacking.

Rec room/exercise room. Note massive window that looks out to the lawn and the woods beyond.

I then cleared out the corner in the sun room that we’ve been piling various items that we didn’t quite know what to do with, and I hung a curtain over the sliding doors to block out the existence of the neighboring houses, making that room a little more like my own little private oasis. Then, I burned our week’s worth of burnable trash.

View from the elliptical. Not bad.

By this time, my back was groaning a bit, so I got comfortable in the sun room and iced it while reading a little more RLS. Then, out to the barn to feed Murray, the barn cat. While we were in there, we brought back down to the house an old trunk and a chair. They sit now in the laundry room on a tarp, waiting to be cleaned up and then moved up into the bedroom.

I ended the day with a nice, hot bath in the awesome, big tub, and then prepared the bread dough to sit and rise overnight for baking today. Considering the recent downtime and my back still not being perfect, it wasn’t too bad a day’s work.
Today, I started the day on the elliptical, and then did my prescribed back exercises (careful not to re-pop that pesky rib). I meant to get down and clean the trunk and chair, and also to get outside and finally cut back the asparagus, but too many tasks at the computer wore my back out before I could really put it to good use. Tomorrow, I’ll start with the work around the house.

I baked my bread (not as well as I’d hoped), joined Pennwriters, prepared a parcel for post, implemented editorial suggestions on an accepted story (for Postscripts to Darkness), and tripped out to the barn to feed Murray. I snagged the pruning shears and a few other implements that need sharpening for my planned destruction of the asparagus patch (we have an old hand sickle that’s pretty METAL \m/ \m/). We’ll see how well tomorrow’s plans pan out.

Note: I was going to try to find some metal song related to the spine, but honestly, I got stuck immediately in my search on Carcass and didn’t want to leave. So, unrelated to this post, here is this. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Note from the Sun Room

  1. Great post. I love reading letters by authors I like. One of the first books I received as a gift was The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkein. It was from my father. I also like author pilgrimages. I also like you and your blog and hope you post more and more and more… :-)

    • Kriscinda says:

      Thanks, Marla! Once things further settle around here, I’ll be better able to get a real routine going. =) Yeah, I can’t think of better ways to spend one’s vacation money than on visiting the places of the people who inspire us. And I do love correspondence–bios are great, they are. But I like reading the letters and being able to place the quoted parts in other publications in context. Sometimes it supports their point, sometimes not. Also, RLS’s letters are great for feeling normal as a writer when you’re blocked, or even when you’re really proud of something you managed to get out. I love that guy.

  2. Anthony Everitt says:

    What a wonderful song, what a wonderful piece… :) :) :)

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