Operation: Trunk & Chair


November 24, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Operation: Trunk & Chair begins.

So, as I mentioned here, we finally (why is everything we do “finally?” We need to get on the ball) brought the trunk and chair down from the barn to use in the bedroom. Though he will probably still sleep on the bed, Moggy needed a refuge at night for when Big A accidentally kicks him off (we also wanted a place to store extra blankets). Additionally, we have a really high bed, so we thought it’d be nice to have a chair in there, for shoe and sock adding/removing purposes.


They were quite filthy (though, they really could have been much worse). We put them in the laundry room for a few days until we could get to them. I got to them the day before Thanksgiving.

Cool old label that, thanks to me, no longer exists on the bottom of the chair.

First I vacuumed the crap out of both of them to suck up loose debris and cobwebs. In my haste, I ended up sucking off the old label on the bottom of the chair. Luckily, I took a picture of it before that happened. I also almost sucked up the desiccated mouse carcass that made the trunk its home.

\m/ Cornelius \m/

We’ve named him Cornelius. I’m thinking of mounting and jarring him for display. For now, he’ll “live” in the sun room.

You can sit on it now.

So, a little Pine Sol and a little hot water…and then another plain water wipe-down later… and although that trunk still looks pretty beat, it is much cleaner. It is, in fact, clean. The chair is too. We then let them sit for a couple of days, the trunk with the lid open to air out some of the mustiness.

Complete! Moggy inspects…

The day after Thanksgiving, we got the pair upstairs and placed where we wanted. And it looks great. And they serve real, functional purposes. And we didn’t have to spend any money to facilitate those functions, which is nice. Despite a lot of the attic-smell having dissipated, we threw a couple of pine sachets into the trunk. We’ll just let those sit in there until it’s good and lousy with pine-stink, and then we can safely put our blankets in.


Moggy gave everything a thorough inspection and we think it passes. We like it. We’ll see if he still likes it tonight when he gets unceremoniously and abruptly evicted from the bed in the middle of the night.

Note: Although there are no identifying marks on the trunk, the chair is, as you can see, from the Grand Ledge Chair Co. (Michigan). I found a similar-looking chair (model number 802, and this is 804) that was deemed from the company’s 1925-1950 period, and worth about $75. Not bad for free.

The day I cleaned the trunk and chair, I wore the awesome vintage ‘Master of Puppets’ shirt Big A just happened across at the thrift store and got me last week. I thought it should be noted. \m/ \m/!!!

8 thoughts on “Operation: Trunk & Chair

  1. Anthony Everitt says:

    Hehe… lousy…

  2. Mad jealous over that trunk and chair.

  3. Shirley Davison says:

    Very nice, Kris. I really like the chair. Awwww…the gems the old barn hides…..

  4. Ruth Simpson says:

    I just saw your chair from the Grand Ledge Chair Co. No 804 and found one like it at a second hand store for 5 dollars. Was so excited to learn it was worth 75. I just love your room setup. It is so my taste, I would sleep there. And I think I will be doing the same with my room. Isnt it great to get inspiration from old furniture. Good job.

    • Kriscinda says:

      Thank you! I do love our room—it’s so warm and comfy, color-wise (and temp-wise!). There’s a brick chimney coming up from the furnace on the other side of the room that someone plastered over a long time ago. I think we’re going to expose that at some point. That should add just a touch more character to the trunk and chair!

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