The Snows, The Trees (Well, half a tree)


November 26, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Flake watching.

The night before last, the wind picked up. I fetched Big A and we threw on our sweaters/jackets and went outside. The side and back part of the property immediately surrounding the house can get pretty dark at night. We walked around the side, watched the trees from the woods beside us sway up high, and listened to the howling through their boney branches. It was lovely.


At some point, after we’d come back inside and warmed up with a Glenlivet and some crocheting, it started snowing. It snowed into the morning and continued throughout the day, into evening. The property really just had a dusting despite the constant flurries. It was enough to finally feel like winter had indeed come, our first in our home. We’re pretty excited.

Chilly Ginger Balls. But well fed.

My goal Saturday was to clean out the 5-gallon bucket we brought down from the barn for our Sealed Pot Challenge and check out the Xmas tree in the barn basement to see if it was useable. When I went to feed Murray (bringing him some water this time so he didn’t have to venture out to the spring if he didn’t really feel like it), I dumped what looked like mini-mini-gravel (it looked about the size of fish tank gravel, but didn’t really look like fish tank gravel) from the bucket into the gravely part of the driveway that extends past the house and up to the barn. I dropped a cardboard box off at the barn basement entrance and then fed ol’ Ginger Balls. Murray was in there looking chilly. Mental note: Although he’s got lots of hay to borrow into for warmth, make him an insulated cat shelter.

Box o’ Tree.

I then went downstairs and put anything I could find tree-related into the box and brought it back down to the house, along with the bucket (after, of course, the wind blew the door shut and scared the crap out of me). The tree was clearly old—with a wooden pole that served as a trunk (I’m almost sure they don’t really make them with wood anymore).

Well, half o’ tree.

I sorted the branches, put it all together, and poop. It’s not all there. It’s half a tree. And even then, it’s awfully thin on branches. Shame, really. As much as we don’t want to spend money on Xmas decor, we might break down and get a $20 or $30 tree from the thrift store down the road.

Soak, scrub, clean.

I then set to cleaning the bucket. It was covered in paint and dirt—it took about an hour of scrubbing. But it is now clean and waiting to be decorated and filled with cash-money. While I was doing all of this, Big A ventured out to the credit union, then stopped at The Pet and Tack Shack right across from the Salvation Army on Rt. 8 and picked Moggy up a cat nip-filled stuffed quail in honor of Small Business Saturday. He also snagged Mogg a cat hammock for the window sill in the living room. The jury is still out on how Moggy feels about either of these things. He’s so picky.

A suitable receptacle of the Samoan Vacation Funds. Almost.

Ultimately at around 5pm my back began to twinge (probably from the adjustment the day before), so I retired to my crocheting with an ice pack. I have made a couple of Ugly Afghans in the last year—one, a huge thing, to auction off for the Save The Chapel cause, and the other a smaller throw, but with ugly fringe, which I gave to a good friend.

Ugly start.

From those efforts and other sources here and there, I have a bunch of totally non-matching yarn and not enough of any one color to make one whole, complete blanket or throw…so it will all go into the next Ugly Afghan, with what I will do, I do not know. It gives me something to do, though, when icing my back.


Tiny bit o’ snow.

Out little fire-pit thing, eating its own chimney, and getting snowed on.
From the sun room. Sans sun.
Should have changed my shoes.
The barn basement entrance.
Our little woods and a bit of the garden.
Murray’s snowy entrance.
Murray on a dark, snowy day.
And out again.
A very chilly Monty…
…with snow on his EYEBALLS. \m/
Number One Bucket Inspector.
Happy Small Business Saturday, Moggy!
House Panther on the hunt.
Panther Hammock.

The End.

Imse Vimse Spindel (Black Metal Winter Fun)

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