Spoils from the Crawl Space


November 27, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Yesterday, I thought I’d make one last massive push to finish unpacking. The first step of that—which also turned out to be the last step—was to put certain boxes that aren’t being unpacked but stored into the crawl space accessible from the guest room closet.

The crawl space.

Inside the crawl space: the old wooden siding on the outside of the house, before the addition was added, before the vinyl siding was installed everywhere else.

When we went through the house with the inspector, I didn’t go into the crawl spaces. I just didn’t feel like it at the time. But today, I did. Or, I had to. Here is what we found:

A child’s card table and chair. I ended up finding a second chair in the other side of the crawl space.

A small, old mirror...

A small, old mirror…

…from what looks to be 1931…?

A set of kitchen tins (50s? 60s?) and a set of plastic Tupperware shaky things with a mounted rack.

On the other side of the crawl space, we found:

A crib’s head and foot board. We left that there.

A gramma’s pink candy dish from the 80s or 90s, probably.

A pair of not-so-terrible lamps accompanied by two truly hideous shades that went straight into the bin.

And this thing, which, upon closer examination, looks to be homemade (with wood paneling, which is awesome). I’ve been needing a bedside stand—I think this will do nicely.

Every time we bring something in from the barn, or like, yesterday, bring things out of whatever dark and dusty recess of the house we happen across, we say, “This will be haunted.” So far, nothing has been haunted (certainly, that we know of), but this time, I’ve got my bets on the pink gramma candy dish. That thing simply must be full of unspeakable horror. Well, soon it’ll be filled with…I dunno…cotton balls? Nuts? Trinkets? Something. We’ll displace the resident spook and it will either have to learn how to live with us or move out to the barn.

In the end, all we did was clear stuff out of the crawlspace. Nothing got unpacked. I guess that’s what today is for.

Also, here are some pics from a snowier day than the previous one.

Out back.

Mogg in a foggy window.

Birch through the beveled-glass front door that I hate.

Front porch.

Scary shadow hand, going for the cat fat! (AKA: The Modesty Piece)

Cozy Mogg Pogg.

And now for the METAL part of this post:

The spirit of Ronnie James Dio has clearly manifested as a goat head on our pantry door. \m/ \m/

Crawlspace – Haunted

4 thoughts on “Spoils from the Crawl Space

  1. D.S. Cohen says:

    WOW! Hope none of those goodies you found are haunted or cursed.

  2. Cherie says:

    Well, done. I love it. How exciting to live here.
    Everyday a new adventure I bet.

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