Friday Free-for-all


December 7, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

So, I think I’ve got the crocheted snowflake down, and while Xmassy is nice, I thought I’d metal it up a little. Coasters, or cleaver cozy!

Merry merry...

Merry merry…

Black Chrissstmasss...

Black Chrissstmasss…

It’s been a busy week.

I helped my sister get her crochet stuff going (on Facebook and Etsy [link soon]), made those Xmas decorations, also worked on the Ugly Afghan and started a little red, green, and white something to put on the table under the tree. The tree is up, not fully decorated, but we’ll do that soon.

Put a major dent in the remaining unpacking. We’re mostly down to ‘odds and ends,’ but boy, what a lot of odds and ends we have. Been keeping up on my exercises—I try to do at least 25 minutes (’til my knees get better) on the elliptical and my various back exercises. Oh, we snagged a used two-drawer filing cabinet, which went a long way in helping us get even more unpacked. I signed up over at Pinterest. We started to tackle our mouse issue (did I mention we have a mouse issue? We have a mouse issue.) by plugging up the various gaps inside our kitchen cabinets. There’s nothing less metal than mouse poop in your utensil drawer. *sigh* Or maybe that’s extremely metal. Perspective, I guess.

Big news of the week: Big A got a job. Today, in fact. He had been working at a tree nursery, but has been laid up with a sprained wrist due to his idiot co-workers negligence (a nice word for stupidity). But today, he found another that, hopefully, has fewer stupid fellow employees. I also managed to snag a little editing work. Every little bit helps.

Oh, I also just sent off the contract for my most recently accepted story. That’s always cool.

Otherwise, we end each day with dinner and (for me) crocheting, with an episode of The Walking Dead (we only just started watching them on Netflix…we’re way behind the rest of the Universe), for whom, right now, the only saving grace is Daryl Dixon. I kinda wish he’d split off from the group and have his own spin-off redneck zombie-killing show. It sure would cut down on all the yakkity-yak. And it’s funny, considering all the other characters and their constant whinging on about everything, he blathers less and yet is probably the most complex character on the show. Well, he, at least, as an arch. And he kills shit with a crossbow, so, whatchagonnado?

Anyway…so this is today’s post. A whole lot of yakkity-yak. Hoping to get the rest of the unpacking done this weekend. Big A is taking a trip up to Long Island to see his family. It’ll be me, Moggy, and the Spook Brothers. (I don’t think I’ve introduced you to the Spook Brothers yet…hmmm…maybe next week).

While I unpack, you can go to these links for some damn good reading (or Xmas gifts of reading). This weekend, I wanted to make a point to share this book by a friend, Jason Jack Miller. I went to high school with Jason and, although there are many books I want to write, I kinda wanted to write the one he wrote: Hellbender. I’m reading it now and loving it. A couple of other books, The Last Final Girl and Growing Up Dead in Texas by Stephen Graham Jones (who recently did me a nice turn so if you buy one of his books because of this post, you’d be helping me do him one back)—this guy slips seamlessly between genre and literary and, I think, that ability/talent makes his work all the better than much work in both of those areas of writing. Finally, as far as reading goes, it’s Postscripts to Darkness that most recently accepted a story of mine. It’s not out yet (shooting for March), but it’ll be Volume 3, so there are two previous volumes you could enjoy. You can order those here.

And now, for your metal weekend send off, I give you, from Italy, Cleaver with Happy Little Things.

One thought on “Friday Free-for-all

  1. jvoor says:

    Great post! Lovely to know what you are up too.

    Also, good luck with the mice! So far we haven’t caught a fourth, though I check the traps often…I think I need to make them more sensitive. My housemates (2 women and a guy) are so squeamish about dead mice. They don’t want to see them. They are sad about it. Whereas I am all like, “Woooohooo, snapped your neck, take that!” with a victory dance over the trap. I am just so over the mouse poop and chewing, and had far too many childhood experiences with damn mice taking over the house to be sympathetic about these ones. I am sorry that they have to die…but it’s a fact of life.

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