Managing My Damn Time Monday


December 10, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

The grass has gotten so tall outside, Murray's path to and from the barn is clearly visible.

The grass has gotten so tall outside, Murray’s path to and from the barn is clearly visible.

There’s something on my mind today a little more immediately pressing than managing our money…I’m having trouble managing my time.

When I was in school, I always felt like no matter what it was I was doing, I should be doing something else. I couldn’t sit down and eat a meal without feeling guilty about not shoving it down my gullet so I could get back to whatever class work I had (and there was always class work). I would wake up in the middle of the night and consider getting up to make a little more progress on this or that. There was always something that needed to be done, and even when everything that was immediately due was done, well, why not get started early on the next assignment? Breaks between semesters? That’s crazy talk! Everyone knows that you contact your next semester’s professors for the reading list and you get a head start on that reading! You know, when you’re not doing all the non-school related research, reading, and writing.

I did this for six years, pretty much non-stop, and I wonder why my thyroid exploded the day of my MFA thesis defense (seriously, I was that close to being done and then POW). I’m feeling a little like that now.

The property next to ours; our view from the south side of the house.

The property next to ours; our view from the south side of the house.

When we bought this house, we inherited a tremendous amount of work. I mean, the fact is, we don’t have to do it. We could let the property go to seed (I’m thinking about that is some areas just because I prefer it aesthetically) and let the barn just sit there full of shit, but the clean-up work is directly related to things we want to accomplish. We’ve got big workshop-related plans for that barn basement. We have a number of uses for the barn itself, but it needs to be cleaned out (anyone have any ideas as to what to do with a ton or so of decades-old hay?). I have a massive veggie garden and future pumpkin patch to consider. The house, though, still holds a million little things (and we can’t get outside until we’re settled inside). Well, some larger than others, from finally putting the double-sided sticky tape on the bathroom rugs so they stop sliding all over the place to re-organizing and cleaning up the laundry/pantry/canning area in the cellar.

I suppose I need to prioritize. Like, I want to make our own soap. I could just do it, but my brain goes into convulsions if things aren’t the way I need them to be. As in, I need to have a clean, organized area in which to work. I don’t do well with mess and clutter, and frankly, if I try to just go ahead amongst the mess and do it, I will screw it up. So, obviously, getting the cellar done comes before soap-making. But then, my desk/office area is in our guest room, which is currently the way station for the odds and ends boxes—things that I don’t really know where to put. I’m having a hard time sitting down and writing, again, when I’m surrounded by chaos. So, before I can really set down a writing schedule, I need to finish unpacking all this crap and clear out this room.

Can you spot the Moggy?

Can you spot the Moggy?

The things I need to do first are, of course, the things I want to do least. And this is just ‘around the house’ stuff. And I guess I answered my own question: How can I get on with my life (writing, editing work, creative stuff, etc.) with all this shit to do? The answer: shut up and do it. So, today, at least, I’m going to see if I can tackle the boxes in the guest room and give myself room to breath (and think) in here.

I have a feeling this week’s going to be less fun-homey-domestic-creative than it’s going to be really going at all the crap I’m tired of doing already. That’s why it’s fallen by the wayside a bit—I want to do other things. I am bored with unpacking and cleaning. Well, it’s only going to be drawn out longer if I don’t just do it. So, this week’s blogs…probably pretty boring. Probably just me bitching about all the boring crap I have to get done. Well, I’ll try to make my pain, at least, amusing for you.

My question to you, dear readers, is: How do you get motivated to do stuff you really don’t want to?

And on that note, I’ll go ahead and give you what will likely be either the most awesome, or the most confusing, thing you’ll see all week: German thrash band Holy Moses teams up with the also German power metal vocalist Doro Pesch to cover the Dead Kennedys’Too Drunk to Fuck.’ Wait, huh? Right.

4 thoughts on “Managing My Damn Time Monday

  1. For the old hay, if it’s not moldy I think it’s still good compost. Also, can you use it for hilling up potatoes?

    • Kriscinda says:

      Yeah, the more I think about it, the more uses I can think of *for* it. It’s a mess in there right now, though…the bales have disintegrated. We need to figure out how to re-bale it and store it proper.

  2. So, to that motivation *thing*… I have a hard time with that myself. For the writing, the best thing I’ve found that works for me is to leave the house and go to a library or cafe so I’m away from all the other things I want to do. It works at home if I have one designated room for writing and nothing else but of course then when I need to clean or move things in a hurry, I fill that space and have no room to write there again. Bah. It’s a vicious uphill battle. But I do think the key is removing yourself (or the object of your work) from other elements like phone and the clutter of other rooms. If I have a big project to work on, I try to take it to a room and shut the door with the phone off so I have nothing but me and that project in one space.
    Still, I’m a master procrastinator, so even that’s hit or miss.

    Hmmm – I suck at motivation.

    • Kriscinda says:

      Hahaa…actually, my ultimate plan is, when the barn’s cleaned out, to make the hayloft my writing space. Only accessible by the ladder–basically just a platform (I’ll try not to fall off). I just want to get a desk and chair up there, that’s it. Maybe by next fall… =)

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