Xmas: Finally


December 13, 2012 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Sunbury Dec twelfth 05I finished the ruffly table cloth-thing for under the tree yesterday. We got the rest of our decorations on the tree, stockings are hung on random curtain hooks that are not holding back the panels we haven’t gotten yet (or maybe, if I can figure out how to use the sewing machine my mother gave me, I will make them?), and gifts from Big A’s fam are tucked away under the tree (Big A and I are skipping the gift-giving with one another; we think we’ve gotten enough this year [see the metal link below]).

I made this. I started and then guessed the rest.

I made this. I started and then guessed the rest.

That’s mainly what I did today while Big A put shelves up above my desk. This should finally allow me to put away the odds-and-ends boxes! Very excited. Then, it’s on to the laundry/canning/pantry area for organization, and then I think—I think—we’re good to go in here. Ooo, I also actually surprised myself and wrote about 1,100 words today. Fiction. Zombies. It’s been a while. My brain must have sensed the unclutteredness approaching.

Sunbury Dec twelfth 08

Sunbury Dec twelfth 09

Sunbury Dec twelfth 10

Sunbury Dec twelfth 11This last pic: Both of our fathers are deceased, so at our wedding this past June we put together these framed photos and had them on easels with a big ol’ fat candle burning for them. The candle is now on a bedroom shelf, and thanks to my sis who brought a bunch of stuff up here from my mother’s place, these pictures are now hanging in our living room. When we put them together, we had no idea what we’d do with them later—we didn’t know we’d be moving into our own home, on our own land. Our apartment was small and there really was no room to hang them. I figured they’d end up in a closet until someday…But here they are, and we’re happy to have them up. We think they’d like our new digs.

Got you all misty eyed? A little King Diamond will cure that and get you back in the Xmas spirit.

2 thoughts on “Xmas: Finally

  1. This seriously looks great and really homesteady. Again, I feel like you’re Amish without being Amish…..pioneer I guess is the word I should be looking for in my head. lol

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