Friday Free or All


January 11, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Well folks, I’m up bright and early as I must run into the city and see some good folks. It’s probably important that, sometimes, I leave the house and interact with other human beings in real life. Today’s the day. I will count this as my day off from proper writing, and I’m afraid it has to be a day off from blog writing.

I’m just going to direct you back to yesterday’s post and use this post as a place where you can post (in the comments) your questions for the Spook Brothers. I know, it’s a cop out. But I really just have no time today. So, think really hard about something in your life that you’ve maybe been a little stuck on and we’ll see if the Spook Brothers can help you out. Or, at the very least, embarrass themselves while they threaten to stab you.

Spook the Younger, at Avebury.

Spook the Younger, at Avebury.

One thought on “Friday Free or All

  1. Dimitri the Huge says:

    Dear Spook Brothers,
    I was truly relishing my days as an only (feline) child when, without warning, my human minion brought another creature into the house. It plays with my toys and it utilizes the human’s financial resources which would otherwise be earmarked for my care and amusement. I am incensed by this turn of events. What can I do to make sure I remain the biped’s sole beneficiary? I know you hate cats, but try to muster some sympathy for me.

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