Here They Come!

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January 29, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Last week I ordered some seeds, and some are already here! My Seed Savers Exchange seeds have arrived, and today, I got an email letting me know that my Southern Exposure Seed Exchange seeds have shipped! I’m so excited, I can only punctuate with exclamation points! (!!!)

Look at them! All waitin' to be sprouted!

Look at them! All waitin’ to be sprouted!

Sorghum's all like, "What's all this white shit?"

Sorghum’s all like, “What’s all this white shit?”

Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Bean's all, "Enough of this crap!"

Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Bean’s all, “Enough of this crap!”

And Moggy's all like, "Wuh? Who? Kibble..."

And Moggy’s all like, “Wuh? Who? Kibble…”


It’s all blizzardy-snowing outside, and man, it can’t be spring soon enough for me. It’s a winter wonderland outside in the yard right now, and don’t get me wrong; it’s lovely. It is. Out there, through the window. All pristine and fluffy and white. Beautiful.

But I gotta get out of the damn house.

And, you know, be able to be out of the house for an extended period of time without jumping up and down, freezing my face off, and essentially scrambling to get the hell back inside.

In a few days, according the the weather-people, it should be getting into the 50s, which will be a pleasant change from the 7-20 degrees it’s been lately. Poor Murray, the barn cat, has been freezing his little Ginger Balls off out there. We’ve been doing our best with him: he’s got all the hay a cat could want, plus a hay-insulated box, and we’ve been changing his water as frequently as we can, so it’s not always frozen. On the nights when it’s really gotten way down, I’ve feared going to feed him the next day, but he’s either not there, or there’s his little pud-prints in the snow and his squinty little cat-face looking at me when I come in.

I’m looking forward to warmer temps and the melting snow. After last month’s crazy snow, it was indeed very cool to see the accumulation of deer tracks all over the property. Of course, we never see them, but they really are all over the place at night. When the snow melted, their trace didn’t disappear. I can safely say that I’ve never seen so much deer crap in my life. Certainly not all in one generalized 3-acre area like that. I’m expecting a new batch of deer…fertilizer…after this snow. (Thanks, guys!)

Deer dung notwithstanding, as soon as we get a day where it’s at least 50 degrees (I really am a wuss when it comes to the cold) and it’s not raining, I am getting outside for a few hours to either, 1) finish pulling all the dead plants out of the garden area, or 2) clearing the jagger bushes from around some of the barn. I keep eyeballing them when I go to feed Murray and thinking to myself: Now’s the time! Before it’s all green and growing and unmanageable again! NOW! Ahhh, but it’s too cold.

Until then, the happiness of little seed packets will have to get me by. I can’t wait for the rest to arrive!

And now, Brazil’s GoatPenis with “High Temperature Fires.” That’s right. GoatPenis. They are described as “Satanic Skinhead Black Metal” which is sort of funny. Whatever the case, this picture is hilarious:



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