Friday Free For All: Valentine’s Day Thursday Edition


February 14, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Happy Valentine740-1Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day: the most brutal, most metal holiday of the year. Right? Right. We’re going to skip Thursday altogether and go straight to a classic Friday Free For All. Don’t you know I’ve got things to do. No time for bloggin’—I have some Thai food to inhale and maybe a movie to go see. We haven’t decided quite yet.

Ladies, I know you secretly burn for Accept‘s Udo Dirkschneider. I suggest you ban him from your thoughts today, or you might end up with a “Love Child.” (God, no one wants that.)

Speaking of, we’re very happily accepting (*rimshot*) of all consensual adult relationships here at Heavy Metal Homesteader, and we couldn’t not include Judas Priest. Here’s “(Take These) Chains.”

Exodus has Loki on their side; tonight there is “No Love.”

And, of course, Carcass’s “No Love Lost.”

We’ll wrap this up with a “brutal love song,” Death‘s “Mutilation.” Feel the love…



There are about a zillion metal love songs to choose from—had I even dipped into the late-80s hair bands, we’d have been here forever. And being here forever listening to late-80s hair bands is not exactly how I want to spend my Valentine’s Day. That said, what are some of your favorite metal love songs?

2 thoughts on “Friday Free For All: Valentine’s Day Thursday Edition

  1. Sandy (trappmountain) says:

    Big Balls AC/DC

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