Friday Free For All (for realsies): Other Blogs Edition


February 15, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Nosy, nosy...

Nosy, nosy…

Usually, I post all metal links on Fridays. But since I did that in honor of Valentine’s Day yesterday, I thought we could still have a Free For All today, it would just be of something else.

This Friday, I’m going to give you some weekend reading links to some of my favorite blogs, along with some random pictures of Moggy. Why not?

First and foremost is always my friend, Marla’s, blog: Traveling Marla. She’s a writer, and as you can guess, she spends a fair amount of time traveling. In fact, in about three months, we can start looking forward to her regular missives from South Africa. But whether she’s traveling or not, her daily life is just plain hilarious. Or, I should say, she blogs about it like it is, and that’s hilarious.

This is Moggy's front leg and paw (what we here call his stick and pud). He is a nervous groomer, so his sticks have these bald patches all over them. It makes him look like all of his sticks are crooked. He's a weirdo.

This is Moggy’s front leg and paw (what we here call his stick and pud). He is a nervous groomer, so his sticks have these bald patches all over them. It makes him look like all of his sticks are crooked. He’s a weirdo.

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that I’d come across this blog: The Arts and Crafts Bungalow. If you dig on the Arts and Crafts Movement (like I do), this is a great blog to poke, you can get your A&C fix in a prose-style that is down to earth and quite personable, which is always a pleasant surprise, as sometimes these subjects are all too often in dangerous of becoming too pretentious. Not here, though that’s not to call it pedestrian. It’s a great blog. (And you can’t lose with that Morris background wallpaper.)

While I listen to a lot of metal, I also listen to other things, and though some folks might not consider this much of a jump, I dig me some punk rock. Hence, it makes sense that I would like this blog: Punk Rock Homesteading. In addition to its various useful homesteading-related tips and such, it’s also got a healthy amount of politics and activism, primarily regarding food and farming issues, which makes sense, and I support.

Over at A Random Harvest, among other things, there’s a lot of sewing, knitting, and that sort of thing going on. Again, I like blogs that are written in such a way that you can discern the personality of the author. This is one of those blogs. It’s hard for me not to like, and enjoy the writing of, anyone who lists Midnight Oil* and Pete Seeger amongst some of her favorite music

Now, go read. Enjoy. Have a swell weekend.

Go ahead: Open this link in another window.

Go ahead: Open this link in another window.

*I know this is the most obvious example of Midnight Oil, but trust me, when you see Peter Garrett dancing in silhouette…

5 thoughts on “Friday Free For All (for realsies): Other Blogs Edition

  1. Dude, you’re awesome. Thank you so much for the shout-out and the compliment, and thinking I’m funny when I mostly feel just gassy.
    Those other blogs are cool. I’m honored to get on the page with them!
    Hope you have a great weekend. I’ll probably do a later blog today so I can update with conference stuff.

  2. Linne says:

    I was going to thank you for the link to The Arts and Crafts Bungalow blog (well, I DO thank you; I LOVE A n C homes and grew up in several back when they were just ‘older houses’, but with enough room for our growing family (9 kids in the end). But then I read the rest of the post and was so pleased (and surprised) to see my blog included! Thank you again, very much! for the mention, and for the kind words. I’m SO pleased we share some musical tastes, too. My older son was very into Heavy Metal, but at that time I was still much more into folk, protest music, etc. But I am familiar with quite a few pieces and they will likely make their way onto the list someday.
    I love blogland; I am now in contact with a huge variety of people, including you, that I would not even have known of, and not so long ago, either. For a person with such eclectic tastes and opinions, it’s very nice to find I am not alone in the world. What a blessing! ~ Linne

    • Kriscinda says:

      You know, sometimes you throw up a post and maybe someone sees it, and maybe someone clicks the links on it, who knows? It’s *so* nice to have been able to connect you with the A&C Bungalow! That totally made this post worth it. =) I do love your blog, and you’ve been so kind and helpful with my sewing machine-related questions! It’s so great that some of the music I post here isn’t totally unfamiliar to you. I really love all kinds of music (I love old protest music and I’m a sucker for the old union songs)—our wedding playlist this past June was metal, punk, jazz, folk (we squeezed a couple of working songs in there!), 80s new wave, and classical (I love me some Chopin). I probably do listen to metal most, and I wear my battle jacket and my band t-shirts. I think I gravitate toward it so much because it’s the music I listened to when I was 15 and it holds a lot of nostalgia for me. And it’s awesome. \m/ =) Same with movies–I am a horror movie fan. I know a lot about horror movies. But I love all kinds of films–I’ll watch just about anything from the silent era to the 80s.

      Man, I could go on, but it’d take me all night! Really, really glad to also meet an eclectic lady who doesn’t mind my taste in music (mostly)…hahaa…

      Cheers, Linne! This comment made my day. =)

      • Linne says:

        I don’t mind your taste in music at all, Kriscinda! I’m always looking to open new doors in my mind. A few years ago, I would have said you couldn’t pay me enough to listen to punk music and now I’m a Pogues fan . . . so who knows? I think a lot of my difficulty with newer music (post-70s) is the volume. I grew up on acoustic and I like being able to hear musicianship; that said, listen to Jimi Hendrix some time; no missing the musicianship there! Purple Haze, anyone?

        I’m not that into horror movies, but have a good friend who often invites me over for dinner; we eat on the couch and she pops in a horror film . . . I think she likes rattling the bars, you know? So I’ve seen a lot of them in spite of myself. Oh, yeah, did I mention the marathon with my sister over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays? She’s really into “Being Human”; I watched the first episode to please her, then we watched all four seasons, back to back. I went home a bit shell-shocked (not that big on tv as a rule; or at least not that many hours in a series of days), but converted. The onlly episode I had trouble with was the zombie one; glad to see the end of HER! It’s a BBC series; I expect you’ve watched it already.

        And so I discover more synchronicities . . . my younger son, who was a pro skateboarder, was also a very talented violinist (played viola, piano, bass guitar and more, too). I grew up with Mum listening to CBC radio and came to love classical from an early age. None of that’s on the list yet, but I hope to add to it soon. First piece I remember hearing in school was in Gr. 4′ we had a classical piece every Friday afternoon and it was Edvard Grieg’s “In the Halls of the Mountain King” (I think it’s the final bit in “Peer Gynt”. That piece still brings back the whole experience; the classroom, all of it.

        I even like some country, but not the new glitzy stuff; more what I grew up on; The Carter Family in it’s original form, just the three of them, is one of my favourites, ‘though the recording equipment was never up to the task of faithfully reproducing their music.

        Not much into the ‘girlfriend left me, gonna kick my dog and shoot up my truck after I finish this case of beer’ stuff, though. Although I do have to say that some of the older folk stuff I love is similar in tone . . . go figure . . .

        I used to say I skipped the 80s; mostly ’cause they were such a shock after the world I lived in during the 70s. But some good stuff came out of them, too. Never liked the white go-go boot stage show stuff, so didn’t really get into ABBA until I saw ‘Mamma Mia’ at another sister’s. I did always like “I Believe in Angels”, though.

        Totally forgot to ask you: how’s the sewing coming along? I haven’t done anything more yet; still clearing out the hall closet so I can store more efficiently and still access both my fabric stash and all the UFOs (Un-Finished Objects, if you don’t know the term). But soon, I expect. I bought two new patterns online and both have arrived; one is the cute cap I posted a photo of and the other is a great upcycle for a sweatshirt. I have a sweatshirt-type jacket that I’m planning to use, rather than deal with cutting up a regular sweatshirt and then dealing with fastenings. We’ll see. Ideas are so easy, and addictive . . .

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