Friday Free For All


February 22, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Technically, I’ve been sick for a few days. I hate getting like this—the congestion, the watery eyeballs, the cloggy chest, and the hacking. It’s the low energy that does me in, though—I just want to sleep. My body goes into hibernation mode. Like in that episode of All Creatures Great and Small (yeah, so?) when there’s that almost-dying dog and James Herriot comes up with the fab idea to just knock it out for, like, twenty-four hours, and when it wakes up, it’s much better. It’s body just needed the rest. That’s how I’ve been feeling the last few days.

It’s Free For All Friday, and I’ve already ruined it by revealing that I watch ACG&S, enough that I am familiar with the episodes. So, to make up for it, here’s your metal for the weekend. Since I’ve been feeling better, I’m going with the “better” theme. Enjoy:

You know who Helmet is. This is “Better.”

Praga is a thrash/crossover band from Brazil, who are very likely no longer together. So, not so much better and better, but this is their song, “Better and Better.

Irritate, from Finland, was around for, like, thirty seconds back in 1998. Here’s “Better Off,” a song that’s only about twice as long as they were around.

From Greece, we’ve got some Chronosphere, formerly known as Homo Sapiens, with “Never Better.”

And if, indeed, I am not feeling 100% tomorrow, there’s Acid Drinkers from Poland, with “You Better Shoot Me.” These guys have been around since ’86. This track is from ’99.

Chronosphere, apparently, go shopping for shoes together.

Chronosphere, apparently, go shopping for shoes together.

One thought on “Friday Free For All

  1. Linne says:

    Sorry you’ve not been well; hope you are better now. and PLEASE, don’t shoot yourself! I know the feeling, but really, where would I go for this particular fix? (it’s all about me, you know . . .) Have to love a Metalhead who watches ACG&S. I only ever caught a couple of episodes (living in the country for years, with no electricity – our choice, but leaves me out of the loop when it comes to tv stuff, you know), but I did read the books when they came out. Loved them.

    Anyway, I like eclectic people best, being one myself. Have been too busy to check out any of your musical recommendations, but hope to have time soon. The re-organization is going well; soon I’ll be back to creating stuff. Hope you are back to your norm soon, too. ~ Linne

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