Tumultuous Tuesday


February 26, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

ghost eggIt is Tuesday, right?

No blog yesterday, but I’m realizing that there’s not much point in having five days worth of posts here right now. I mean, things will be picking up here pretty soon, but until then, I’ve decided to just post a few times a week. Either when something’s actually going on here (once I start the seeds, get the kiln set up, etc.) or when I see something online that I think is cool or interesting.

Lately, it’s been mostly planning, and things not really bloggable—like, reading through my writing and doing some editing jobs. Interesting in their way, but just not for this blog. So, I’ll be posting every week, just not every day, until, of course, I have something to blog about every day. =)

Today, though, I’d like to leave you with a link to Fresh Eggs Daily. We don’t have chickens, but we’re really hoping someday we will (maybe next year or the year after). And this is a cool, simple, handy idea for those who have chickens, or those like us who want chickens.

Finally, you know what’s great about metal? There’s a song out there for just about anything. Here’s Manchester’s Boss Keloid with Hell’s Eggs (from their album, Angular Beef Lesson, which might be the best album title I’ve heard yet this week).

7 thoughts on “Tumultuous Tuesday

  1. Ha, that spook egg is the best! I’d like to ask the Spook Brothers how they feel about being demeaned as an egg? ;-)

  2. Linne says:

    Kilns and editing; hmmmm; you ARE multi-talented, aren’t you? I have not done much claywork, but my Mum made some great pieces when she took a class with my youngest sister about 6 or 7 years ago. Sadly, my claywork stems from my school days.

    Editing is something I love doing; as a matter of fact, I have a job coming up soon editing two books for a woman I know from when I was working. I’m looking forward to it immensely, partly because she wants me to comment on content, too. Such fun!!

    Do you know what breeds of chicken you are thinking of getting? (just curious here; I like anything homestead-related, as you likely have figured out by now) ~ Linne

    • Kriscinda says:

      I used to make glaze for a company in Ca, geez, about ten years ago, and I kinda miss that (I dig color, too). =) But I haven’t done much working with clay since high school either, so this’ll be a re-learning experience. The kiln’s here, now, and I can’t *not* do it. ;)

      I love editing, too, actually. Even just the proofing and copy editing; it’s a skill, man! And it’s that meticulous, detailed stuff that I like to get lost in for several hours. It’s satisfying in its own way. I do really like being able to discuss the author’s work—I’ve been working with a couple of new writers that are finding their place and space, so it’s cool to see them get excited about their writing and excited about talking about writing. =)

      Chickens. I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Haha…once we get the garden stuff under control, then we can start really thinking about that for realsies. My mother had some suggestions…I’ll have to ask her again. Not now, though! Too much on the plate as it is! And you! Get back to your organizing and such! ;)

  3. Kilgore Belle says:

    I put off getting chickens for a couple years when we got goats. Now that we have them, I would suggest getting them soonest. Seriously, one of the easiest critters to care for. Total investment was less than thirty dollars for three birds and a coop. Feeds cheap too. Go for it!

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