Friday Free For All: Fire


March 8, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Let’s hope this was the last big snow of the winter. Here are some pics from our place, at around 7am on Wednesday morning (scroll down for your Friday metal):

That first look out of my office window...

That first look out of my office window…

Snowy March7

Awfully chilly in that there little greenhouse.

Snowy March2 Snowy March3 Snowy March4 Snowy March5 Snowy March6 Snowy March8 Snowy March9

I spent some of the morning doing some work in the sun room, where, of course, it is freezing. So, I just cranked up the ol’ fireplace and it got cozy pretty quickly. I figured it might be my last cozy, but snowy work session down there, so why not?

In honor of that last cozy fire of the season, I give you metal to keep you warm…

Some thrash from Colombia, Fire. Some German black metal, Apocalyptic Fire. Some US death metal, Consuming Fire. Some Japanese power metal, Fire Garden.  And, some Swedish sludge/doom, Walk Through Fire.

4 thoughts on “Friday Free For All: Fire

  1. Sandy (trappmountain) says:

    I love winter but I am ready for Spring. I did enjoy this last beautiful heavy snow that mostly melted by the end of the day here.

  2. Cherie says:

    Any suggestions for the metal novice?

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