Making Our Beds


April 17, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

April 10-15 201356

As we walked up to the garden, we were greeted by two Turkey Vultures (which seemed to bode badly). One landed on the barn and I managed to get this shot. Apparently, April is peak courting time for these two, so they were boyfriend/girlfriend! Maybe it didn’t bode so badly…

April 10-15 201359

Task for the day: Take these 2″x10″x8′ and turn them into 18 4’x8′, 4 4’x4′, and 1 2’x8′ beds, 23 beds in all. I figured this would take two days.

April 10-15 201357

Big A cut…

April 10-15 201358

…and I cut. And eventually we turned 26 8-footers into 52 4-footers. Neither of us had ever touched a circular saw in our lives, so it’s a wonder we’ve still got all of our digits and limbs. No treats for you, Turkey Vultures!

April 10-15 201360

Kevin, the carousel horse, looks on approvingly. So far, so good…

April 10-15 201361

Aaaand…putting stuff together.

April 10-15 201362

Kevin’s all, “For me? You shouldn’t have!”

April 10-15 201363

*drill, drill*

April 10-15 201364

Our very first garden bed.

April 10-15 201365

For perspective. 4’x8′ is pretty big!

April 10-15 201366

For better perspective and fun. We could probably fit two Big As in there quite comfortably.

April 10-15 201367

Ack! They’re multiplying!

April 10-15 201368


April 10-15 201369

Slowly taking over the garden area (note Kevin is taking his afternoon nap).

April 10-15 201371

*build, build*

April 10-15 201376

Aaand…finished! Twenty-three beds, and it did not take us two days. We got out there at about 10am and finished at about 6pm, with an hour lunch in between. Pretty good! Again, considering we’ve never done anything like this before.

April 10-15 201377

So, the next task is to go through and level the ground each bed is sitting on, and make sure the bottoms are setting evenly. That is going to tear up my back, I can feel it just thinking about it…

April 10-15 201378

And after a long day of work…

April 10-15 201379

…a cold one on the porch.

April 10-15 201380

Cold One Cam.

And there you have it. Beds for the garden are constructed. Just have to level them out and fill them with dirt (which will be a massive saga, but I won’t get into that quite yet). See you Friday!

3 thoughts on “Making Our Beds

  1. Linne says:

    What a fantastic workday you had! When it comes to making your beds, you definitely ‘know the drill’ . . . I am so impressed! Can’t wait to see what comes up in them, too.
    Kevin is so sweet, watching over you, then taking a nap. He must have been tired from overseeing all the hard work. ~ Linne

    • Kriscinda says:

      Kevin is just exhausted. We spent most of today setting the beds…have most of them done, but our bodies started giving out. We’ll get at it again tomorrow…just five more to do! =)

      • Linne says:

        Awesome job, both of you. When I lived at one place for about five years, the ground was too rocky to dig, so I made raised beds by laying out spoilt hay or straw in 5′ wide x about 30′ long rows. Then I carried dirt in 5 gallon buckets and covered the hay/straw. We were able to buy a couple of dump trucks’ worth of lake weed (sounds like a lot, and WAS when first delivered, but it shrank down pretty fast; then I bucketed and wheelbarrowed the weed and added that to the mix. It worked pretty well. I added beds each year and by the time we had to move, I had about 30 beds laid out, some with crops in. I helped a neighbour clean up their raspberry patch and they gave me all the shoots we dug out, so that made for about 3 beds’ worth. We never got to eat any, though; the next year we moved. The first bed I used, we planted about 100 cabbage seedlings I’d started in our greenhouse. They grew well, then one morning we went out and they were all about an inch tall!! Turns out our lovely family of deer had dropped by for a snack, even though my large collie dog was on a line in the orchard at night to prevent just that; the deer simply went around him! So we gave up on staking the dog out; we ate one deer, but that didn’t work either. And then, as I said, we moved. Great memories! Am so excited to follow your adventures with raised bed growing!

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