We’re Still Alive


April 30, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Whoa, it’s been over a week since I posted. That’s no good. Well, there’s lots going on here, as usual. First, here are pictures of dirt:


Our driveway wasn’t constructed properly and so could give under large amounts of weight. So he backed up through our empty acre, up to the barn, and dumped it.


The first five tons. Dumping…








I moved a bunch of dirt, and then the last hour of it was beer hour. It was slightly less painful.


This doesn’t look like much, but it’s about 2.5 tons of dirt. That’s about all I could manage on the first day.


A good chunk of that first delivery, gone!


Aaand, then we had another ten tons delivered… =P

Mind you, I have some pretty serious back issues, so, it can be really slow-going some days. It was just me the first two days, but since then, Big A’s had more time out of work to also be humping dirt. As of right now, about half the beds are filled, we’ve torn through most of that second delivery of ten tons and have had another delivered so we can keep on keeping on.

Frankly, I’m bored with dirt at this point. It doesn’t help that the wheel barrow we got lasted all of about three days of work before the tire went flat (there was no reason for this) and cracks started appearing on the bottom. What the hell kind of wheel barrow is that? We just aren’t abusing it so much that these things should be happening. So…I think Big A’s going to return it.

As for the greenies in the green house—they are spread out all over the sun room now that it’s warmer at night. All my ‘mater plants are getting huge, probably a little leggy, but there’s not much I can really do about that. Pepper plants are thriving. Basil’s doing well. Melons seem to be holding up. Eggplant’s coming along. Sage is weird (I can’t really describe it better than that), and cumin is being limp no matter what I do or do not do. Oregano and the one spindly rosemary plant are just stupid. There are little leaves, they’re alive, but their stems are so thin and crappy…I dunno.

In other news, I met the neighbor who owns the property to the south of ours. He’s been kind enough to offer to come over at some point and till the section of that empty acre in order to prepare it for next spring, when we will be planting pumpkins (providing I don’t kill the ones we’ll have in the garden this year!). He’s also offered to drop off a ton of horse manure that he gets from a guy for free. Now, that’s what I call neighborly!

If you’ve commented here and I haven’t responded, please do accept my apologies. What with all the dirt moving, I’ve also been having to spend a lot of time thinking about and trying to work with my back issues, and honestly, sitting down at the computer after moving a bunch of dirt hasn’t been such an attractive prospect lately. Soon, things will get back to normal around here.

2 thoughts on “We’re Still Alive

  1. Linne says:

    Don’t worry about posting when you have so much else to deal with; I’ll wait and I’m sure your other followers will, too . . . I love that you’re sharing the dirt! ;-)

    As to the wheelbarrow, have you looked at the ones with two wheels separated by a longer axle? The wheels take the load, instead of your back. They’re pretty good. Or you could build Kevin a stoneboat and put him to use . . . nah, you’d need a good pulling horse for that, maybe a Morgan (my favourite) or a smaller Percheron (my second favourite) . . .

    Tomatoes and legginess; if you want to make them bush more, you can pinch off the wee growing tips and they will branch out. If you don’t want / haven’t got time to do that, consider planting them in trenches: lay them down in a trench with their tops just peeking above the earth. they will put out roots all along the stem, which gives them stability and (if I remember right) resistance to cutworms or something like that. Sorry, the memory chip ain’t what it used to be . . .

    If you know all that already, not to worry. I just like to share information.

    Hope your back is feeling better soon. Moving 2.5 tons of dirt in a day is pretty darn good, I think! Go, Metal’Steaders! ;-) ~ Linne

    • Kriscinda says:

      =D Thanks, Linne! You know, our issue with the dang wheel barrow situation is that we don’t have a truck! We have two sedans (or did until today, but more on that in tomorrow’s post) so we had to get one that we could assemble. But I’d love to get one of those carts—anything to go easier on the ol’ back. Oh! And I was planning on trenching the ‘maters, so hopefully the legginess won’t be too big a deal. Man, I can’t wait to get these suckers in the ground!

      Kevin needs to start pulling his weight around here, I can tell you that. ;)

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