Spinach-Asparagus Pizza


May 6, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Last night, we had homemade pizza for the first time. Well, I did, and Big A had my homemade pizza for the first time. I’d never made one before, ever. Since we’ve been getting so much asparagus out of the yard (I’ve frozen a bunch already, in addition to fresh asparagus most nights), I’m trying to come up with new ways to eat it, and by “new,” I really mean news ways for me to prepare it. So, pizza it was.


Before it went into the oven.

I made the dough, which was so much easier than I figured it would be (I imagined myself fighting with this sticky, terrible mess that tore and blah, blah, blah. It was easy).


I had mixed up in a bowl some mozzarella, chopped spinach, sliced garlic, and black pepper and used that as the base. Then I covered it with asparagus tips and shook some crushed red pepper over it, because we like a little kick. And then I sprinkled the leftover cheese/spinach mixture over the asparagus.


I baked it for about 15 minutes at 425 degrees.




It was amazing. We will never order pizza again, because it was so easy and it was so, so good. (Pizza places around here have been, by and large, pretty shoddy.)

After dinner (and after I had a nice hot bath), we took a blanket out to the lawn with a couple of camping pillows, and with a couple drams of Glenlivet, we laid back and watched the meteor shower caused by Halley’s Comet. It was a little cloudy (certainly not as crisply clear as I’ve seen it), but we managed to spot five and had a nice relaxing close to the day.

9 thoughts on “Spinach-Asparagus Pizza

  1. Sandy says:

    We make a lot of pizza here. If we are going to have guests I sometimes do a pizza party. We make individual crusts and let everyone top their own. I try to have a variety of toppings available. (You can also make your dough ahead of time and freeze it. Then you just have to thaw and roll)/ BTW your crust is much prettier than mine usually are.

    • Kriscinda says:

      Actually, eventually we’re going to have a get together here…make your own pizza sounds like a good idea! As does freezing the dough ahead of time. Hmmm…I’m now going to go stock the freezer with about 40 dough balls. ;)

  2. jvoor says:

    Sounds amazing.

      • jvoor says:

        I am so jealous of your asparagus. I am assuming it was planted there by the previous owners? Because I have heard that it takes about 5 years to establish an asparagus bed and be able to harvest from it. Is that true?

      • Kriscinda says:

        I’ve heard three or four years. Either way, it takes too damn long. =) Yeah, these beds have been here for decades. I just pulled another big bunch out (and by the looks of it, I’ll be able to get more before the end of the day, it grows so fast), and some of the stalks are thicker than my thumbs…in fact, I’d say a few were double the thickness of my thumb. It’s crazy out there!

  3. I am rather envious of your ready bed of asparagus. I have seeds to germinate and grow in the Spring so I’m 3-4 years off harvesting but there you go.
    I love making homemade pizza but the trick is thinking about it early enough in the day for the dough to do its rising thing. And as we use sourdough instead of purchased yeast, it takes at least 8 hours to rise. I think I shall go and make some dough in an hour or so. Ham and pineapple pizza for dinner methinks. :)
    As for new ways to eat your asparagus, I came across this recipe in a blog I follow. http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/2013/04/26/refrigerated-asparagus-salad-a-no-cooking-quick-and-easy-spring-side-dish/ which sounds very easy and very tasty.

    • Kriscinda says:

      Hey, I follow that blog! And yum, yes, I saw that recipe…nom nom. We just purchased yeast, so it’s pretty quick here. And we’re digging the thin crust. I’m making another as I speak/type. Shredded asparagus with mushrooms and onions. =)

  4. Linne says:

    I just ate a big salad and I STILL drooled over your pizza! I used to make ’em often (teenaged boys with hollow legs, you know!), but never thought of asparagus . . . I made mine in a baking pan with sides about an inch and a half high; ran the dough right up, then filled it with veggies, cheese, etc. We all loved it!

    If you are still looking for ideas for asparagus and haven’t tried this, do make some crepes and a savoury cream sauce. Lay steamed spears on a crepe, drizzle on a few tablespoons of sauce, then roll and put on a plate. Repeat until you have enough for whomever. Drizzle the last of the sauce over the top. I had a friend who loved to cook; he would have our whole family over for lunch and make these. He always made extra crepes and filled them with fresh strawberries or other fruit and for those he made a sweet sauce. For very fancy, he drizzled a bit of melted chocolate on top in a design. ~ Linne

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