Friday Free For All


May 10, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

5 May 201302

Sowing the corn.

5 May 201303

Adding a little compost to each bed. We can’t afford to compost them as well as we’d like, but we’re counting on improving the soil over the years with our own compost.

5 May 201306

Mogg Pogg in the sun.

5 May 201307

Bologna tongue!

5 May 201309

A pretty.

5 May 201310

Who loves his grass? Mogg Pogg loves his grass!

5 May 201311

Cat on the move.

5 May 201313

Trying to harden these guys off. They’re so leggy and it’s been a little windy, so the high-sided boxes help them not just fall over.

5 May 201314

Neighbor’s woods is greening up!

5 May 201316

What we assume is a Japanese crab apple tree. It’s right outside our downstairs big, big window. It’s a nice view. =)

5 May 201317

We’ve decided only to cut the grass around the house, and just let the rest go. Unfortunately, the lawnmower that came with the place (as in, we bought it) is down with an oil leak (thanks previous owners! I’ve used it all of three times).

5 May 201318

And one final Mogg pic. I know you can’t get enough of his little black cat nose.

2 thoughts on “Friday Free For All

  1. Mogg Pogg is gorgeous. I love black cats. My first cat was a little tiny black kitty girl called Zulu. Mum has her now. :) We have Maxxie and Minnie the 2 big boy moggie black and whites. :)

    As for your gardens, sounds like a nice legume cover crop over winter to bring in the nitrogen will do them well. :)

  2. Linne says:

    Sheep are good for mowing, you know; and then you would have wool to keep you busy of a winter’s evening . . .

    Seriously, the garden is looking wonderful; that pink flowering tree also!

    I like all cats, but you’re right, Mogg’s black nose is very special :-)

    Hope your back is holding out. Have a great weekend! ~ Linne

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