Bastard Deer, Dill Biscuits, and John Edward Larson


June 12, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Corn. Look at it. Lovely, green, first tackled by Mesoamerican indigenous peoples.


Then…it was tackled in a different way by the damn deer. They ate it. Almost all of it. *sigh*



We sprayed some foul-smelling, organic concoction around the garden and beds (it involved “putrefying egg solids,” which is truly disgusting) to ward them off until we could get a fence up.

The beginnings of the fence...

The beginnings of the fence…

I spent the rest of that day puttering around in the garden, which looks like this:

It's coming along pretty well!

It’s coming along pretty well!

I thinned out the carrots, dill, and pole beans. Weeded the tomatoes and various squash beds. Mourned the corn when I was near it. I did, though, collect the little dill plants that would have been discarded otherwise and took them into the house. There, I made Dill Almond Milk Biscuits.

Basically take your regular buttermilk biscuit recipe, replace the buttermilk with almond milk, and add chopped dill.

DillBiscuits1 DillBiscuits2 DillBiscuits3 DillBiscuits4 DillBiscuits5 DillBiscuits6 DillBiscuits7 DillBiscuits8 DillBiscuits9Honestly, it was all very aromatic, but it didn’t translate as strongly in taste. You could taste the dill a bit, but not as much as I’d hoped. Oh well…biscuits is biscuits, and we nommed them up over the next few days.

Corn, deer, biscuits. And now, John Edward Larson, author and founding editor of Raw Dog Screaming Press, who has a nifty interview over at metal mag/site Decibel.

6 thoughts on “Bastard Deer, Dill Biscuits, and John Edward Larson

  1. Probably Bambi. He was a bastard. ;-)
    Seriously. Try fox urine. You can buy that in hickville, which I’m pretty sure is anywhere close to where you live. In the meantime, have Anthony tank up on coffee/tea and start marking the territory himself. Kurt did that around our garden and we had pretty good success. Of course it’s a daily morning/night thing, so he might get tired of cameling up and never getting to use the indoor toilet, but such is the price for deer deterrence, no? ne? n’est pas? eh?

  2. […] pee, we found out, to actually do any good. I was just telling this to my friend Kriscinda, over at Heavy Metal Homesteading, and recommended she go with fox pee, […]

  3. Linne says:

    I sympathise, Kriscinda; I started over 100 cabbage plants back when we lived in an old country homestead; planted them out, carried water to them from the creek downhill, watched them dig in and start growing . . . one morning, we went out and there were just wee stalks left . . . we tried tying my very large collie dog in the orchard next to the garden beds at night; the deer just went around him, paying his barking no attention at all. We ate one of the deer (shot it first, of course), thinking that might deter them . . . no such luck. After a while, we just enjoyed watching the tiny herd in the orchard. They never wiped out any of our other crops, though.

    You should have time to start a second crop, so I wish you all the best with that (and the rest of the sproutlings.

    One thing that people on the Gulf Islands (where I lived a few years before the homestead) used was a fence around the property, with tall saplings tied to the fenceposts, then a couple of pieces of rope were tied high up on those, at varying heights, with loose loops hanging down between. Apparently deer are reluctant to jump over anything that is irregular in shape. The Island deer are the size of medium goats, but can jump up to 10 or 12 feet . . .

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