Afghan for a Good Cause


June 14, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

Somehow, I managed to make this thing. I didn’t think I’d make it in time, but, indeed, I finished it with ten days to spare.

What am I talking about? you ask. I am talking about the nifty-blood-drippy afghan I made for a silent auction to be held at the June 22nd screening of George A. Romero’s Martin.

It's approx. 60"x60" (5'x5').

It’s approx. 60″x60″ (5’x5′).

MartinAfghan6 MartinAfghan7 MartinAfghan8MartinAfghan1

Why the blood-drippies? Because it’s a vampire flick (an excellent, excellent vampire flick…one of a kind). What’s the good cause? The screening is being held to benefit the charitable organization, Scares That Care.

It’s raising funds in a few ways, actually. First, there are two kinds of tickets you can buy: one is for the screening, the the other is for a specially designed poster and the screening. The poster, courtesy of Terry Callen of Screaming Brain Studio, will be signed by the star of the film, John Amplas, who will be on hand to meet and greet. Also, John says he’ll sign anything you put in front of him with any proceeds going to Scares the Care. Finally, there is the silent auction, where I hope this afghan will fetch a pretty penny.



If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, or the surrounding area (in which we are located and will drive the hour into the city for this), you should really consider going. Scares the Care is a fine organization, Martin is a damned fine film, and John Amplas will be celebrating a very young 64th year, as his birthday just happens to be the same day.

MartinPosterGet your tickets here and bring some cash! Bid on my afghan!

2 thoughts on “Afghan for a Good Cause

  1. Linne says:

    That is a gorgeous afghan, Kriscinda! I am very impressed, both by the size and the exquisite detailing. Did you use a pattern or is that your own design? ~ Linne

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