New Barn Cat Coming and Other Stuff


July 16, 2013 by Kriscinda Lee Everitt

And life goes on here at the ol’ homestead. Let’s see…

One of the few not-dying squash plants.

One of the few not-dying squash plants.

Our cucurbits are going tits up. Bacterial wilt. Stupid cucumber beetles. We’ve gotten a number of summer squash so far (I froze a bunch of it, and we still have a bunch to eat), and a few zucchini. I think the zuke plants are done for, though. We’ve got three would-be pumpkins growing on the vines, so I hope they’ll make it to maturation. We’ll see, but I won’t get my hopes up. <frowny face>

Mortgage Lifter.

Mortgage Lifter.

Otherwise, the various ‘maters are going strong. In fact, there are three mystery ‘mater plants that have peeked up around the edges of one of the pepper beds, so we let them grow. I don’t know what kind they are, but there’s little ‘maters appearing! The peppers are also doing well.

Our nine little lettuce leaf basil plants have been going wild in the streets. I picked off an entire shopping bag full of leaves the other day and made four two-person batches of pesto to freeze. The plants are still bushy and happy.

Bushy little basil plants.

Bushy little basil plants.

Our corn is still pushing along, as are the sunflowers. Pole beans are just moments away from spitting beans out all over the place. Dill’s gone mad; cilantro’s gone mad (we’re drying some as I type).

On the lawn care front, Big A got a call last week from the Board of Supervisors chair just saying they hadn’t had a chance to come out and look at the property yet. Haven’t heard anything since then. Honestly, we think they really don’t care and the only reason they’ll follow through at all is if Janet the Harpy calls and pesters them. In the meantime, we’re cutting what we want to cut.

Not deer, but a very cute little bunny I caught munching around the patio.

Not deer, but a very cute little bunny I caught munching around the patio.

See, if we’d continued to cut the property like we want to play a round of golf, it wouldn’t be the safe harbor that it is for our two resident fawn, Bill and Jeff. I’ve tried several times to snap a pic of these guys, but they’re sneaky and swift. I know doe will leave their kids to keep predators away, but they’ve been here for weeks and weeks, and we’ve yet to spot the mother. In fact, we thought there was only one for a few weeks, but then we discovered the second, smaller one. Well, they hang out in the woods mostly, but sometimes come down as close to the house as the old dog shed. I don’t know what will happen to them, but they can stay as long as they need to.

You're in our hearts, Murray cat, wherever you are.

You’re in our hearts, Murray cat, wherever you are.

We’ve recently just forced ourselves to accept the fact that Murray the Barn Cat isn’t coming home. He’s been gone since, what? March? April? No sign of him at all. Although he might have popped out to sow his wild cat oats, he’s been gone too long and hasn’t even come back to eat. So, when our friend Laura of Butler asked if we needed a new barn cat, we deliberated for a few days and then decided, yes, we need to new barn cat. A barn isn’t a barn without a barn cat.

All we know is that she’s almost all black (\m/ \m/), lives in the city and fends for herself. She’s spayed and is up on her shots, so they’re just waiting for an opportunity to trap her and bring her to us. We were thinking about what to name her, and then this happened. Yes, we heard it when it was leaked online a little bit ago, but we were reminded today. So, whenever she arrives, I will take pictures and introduce you all to our new barn cat, Captive Bolt Pistol. We’re expecting her to tear up the mice in the barn like this song tore up our faces.

Carcass fucking rules.

Carcass fucking rules.

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  1. […] Captive Bolt Pistol hasn’t arrived yet, but I did manage to snap a few pictures of our ever-elusive resident fawns, Bill and Jeff. […]

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